Benefits of selling Tri Star products for wholesale customers

Here's some of the top reasons to partner with Tri Star;

  1. We take care of our distributors and treat them like partners.
  2. Being a 'partner' is more than just selling engines and taking care of support questions, we also want to help you make sales. We offer a variety of sales materials and references (it's always being updated, check back soon) on our Distributor Resources page to give your sales team everything they need to get the most powertrain sales!
  3. Our knowledgable sales staff will help you get the right product the first time.
  4. One word: availability. You can't sell it if you don't have it. We work diligently to keep top selling part numbers in stock, and most hot builds only require a few day lead time. If your current engine supplier has ever told you 4-6 weeks, you should call us.
  5. Warranty and technical assistance is one of the biggest priorities for us. Warranty technicians are incentivized based on surveys - We make sure every single customer has the best possible warranty experience.
  6. 100% made in America. Some of our big competitors have plants in other countries; We completely understand trying to keep costs down, but sending jobs out of the U.S. is one thing we will not do.
  7. Our quality is second to none. Your reputation depends on the products you sell, choose a powertrain supplier that you can count on.
  8. We offer aggressive pricing structures with tiered markups to offer a fair yet competitive price to your customers. Unlike some competitors we do not cut corners in our product to keep prices down, we find alternative creative ways. In our shop we practice lean manufacturing to eliminate waste, and our sales and marketing strategies focus on adding value for you and your customers.
  9. We're ACES compliant and published in Epicore® and W.H.I.® for easy integration with your current cataloging system.
  10. Not offering engines and transmissions? Selling powertrain components actually leads to more sales for your other product lines too! When a customer purchases an engine or transmission they will more than likely purchase the fluids, filters, and other new components from you as well.

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