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We pride ourselves on our customer service at Tri Star. Our customer service doesn’t end after we ship your engine, we want to make sure your 100% satisfied years after purchasing.

If you’ve bought an engine or just called to see what we offer please post a review! If you have engine pictures or videos you would like to share you can email them to or post them on our Facebook page.

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  1. Dustin Finan says:

    Good job Ben. Website drew me in…. Motor looks Amazing. Will advise when I get it in and set up… Lots of prep before it goes in…. Thanks for the hard work and personal service..

  2. Robert Keck says:

    I am in the process of a big block chevy purchase. Been working with Bill and have received outstanding service……………very impressed with this operation

  3. Howard B. (SUBMITTED VIA EMAIL) says:

    Monday, September 24, 2012

    Hello, my name is Howard Buehler and I just got me a Tri-Star Engines new engine for my classic car. I would like to just take a few lines to give you some back ground on how I got to a need for a new engine.

    I have a 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS396 numbers matching car with an original Build Sheet to go with it. I have owned the car for 10+ years and have made many improvements both in appearance and the engine. I have won many car show awards and am quite proud of the car.

    This year (2012) in April I was ready to go to the Memphis Super Chevy ( I have won 5 years in a row) and disaster struck. The stud in the carburetor broke off and got sucked into number 3 cylinder. Cracked the cylinder block but it was repairable.

    I got the engine repaired and back in the car in late June and drove it 15 miles before disaster number 2 struck. The rocker on number 8 jumped off the spring and the valve broke off in the cylinder. Now #8 was cracked. No problem it was repairable.

    At this point I was really scared to put that engine back in the car. I had come close to ruining a numbers matching engine and that would not be good. I decided it was time to get a new engine and repair and save the old engine.

    I spent the next two weeks searching the Internet for engine builders when I came upon Tri-Star Engines web site. Right from the first visit I was impressed. First of all the building that Tri-Star was in was very large, new and modern looking. Next, the web site was very friendly and easy to navigate.

    I was very impressed with the many video tours of the different build stations – Crank, Block, Heads, etc… The machinery was top of the line and the latest technology was being used. Very Impressive. I found no other builder with as impressive as Tri-Star’s.

    Now to select the engine. As I looked at all of the options I was most impressed with Tri-Star’s Engine sizes and the horse power that they developed. I soon learned that they knew exactly what they were advertising they could get.

    My first call to Tri-Star was wonderful. Not only did they understand what I was looking for but were willing to work with me on some minor modifications to the standard build to get what I wanted.

    For my build I wanted to make sure this engine would fit in my car with no modifications. It did. We changed from a tall valve cover to a lower profile one. I also wanted the engine to be painted Chevy Orange. No problem. I also did not want to fool around with an electronic choke so it was removed from the carb.

    I sent them a crazy long list of questions such as will my power steering pump, alternator, fan and stuff bolt right to the engine with no problems. Each time I sent an E-mail or called about something I have an answer that day. When the engine was in the build process I was kept in the loop as what was going on each week. I was actually encouraged to call and talk to them.

    Well, the engine showed up and was exactly what I ordered. I got a complete engine ready to drop in and that is how it showed up. The plumbing for the carb was really very clean and impressive. The engine fit right in and started right up. The power is off the charts. The torque is amazing.

    Now, one thing I have come to realize. There are Engine Builders and there are Engine Assemblers. My old engine went through a series of engine assemblies. Everything the place I took that engine was a one off assembles. They did not do much machine work such as crank turning and balancing. They send that out to a machine shop. Here is where Tri-Star separates itself from the other guys. Everything is done in house. They build a lot of these engines. They Dyno them. They know what works best (carbs, intakes, etc…) and are able to get the numbers (Horse Power and Torque) repeatedly. I view Tri-Star as a true Engine Builder.

    I am very pleased with the results and the value for the money was the best that I found. I saw many engines of the same size and horse power for a lot more with essentially the same components. I saw some for less but no idea what was in them and it was kind of scary like buying an engine off a drag racer. Who knows what you’re getting.

    Oh, by the way the Better Business Bureau rated them very high which was just one more plus for doing business with them. If you’re looking for an engine then Tri-Star is a must for consideration.

    In conclusion, I am very happy with Tri-Star and my new engine. Now I am going to go out and toast my tires off.

    –Howard (From Missouri)

  4. George S. (SUBMITTED VIA EMAIL) says:

    Thanks to all the people responsible for building me a GREAT chevy performance engine,, It’s awesome!!! It has made an old buick HAPPY !!!!

    We can hardly build one like this for the price, it looks to me that pride in craftsmanship was very much a part in the building of this engine, & it sounds great

  5. Danny from Tennessee (SUBMITTED VIA EMAIL) says:

    I received my engine in 1 week of ordering it was great service, I just installed yesterday and engine sounds and runs great I will be ordering all my engines from tristar. Great engine company to work with.

  6. Tina from Iowa (SUBMITTED VIA EMAIL) says:

    We are still absolutely in love with this engine. It’s just awesome to be able to go out there and be so competitive!…. I also enjoyed working with you and your company, and that means a lot. Sometimes places like this (motor related, etc.) have a tendency to be a real pain to a woman, but you put up with me and all my questions and frustrations very well!

  7. Joe Frohlick says:

    Many thanks Tri Star for all the fine work you have done to get us a great engine. Everyone from Brian who took the order, Dan in tech support and Ben in Customer Service treated us with kindness and respect by answering all our questions as well as shipping our motor to a location where we could pick is up. Its a pleasure dealing with people who answer the phone who are knowledgeable and patient. We did a lot of research before we bought and found that no one could touch Tri Star for quality and price. Our 383 is installed and we are most satisified. We would recommend your engines to the car clubs we are involved in or anyone who needs a good engine. Its our first engine from you, but when we need another we know exactly where to go. Many thanks Eric Frohlick

  8. Brad from Canada (SUBMITTED VIA EMAIL) says:

    My name is brad from Canada I bought a 496 long block from you guys.I am very happy with the motor keep up the good work.thanks

  9. “I just wanted to brag on my buddies at TriStar Engines up in Wisconsin. I got screwed on a motor from Patriot Performance right before they went under and these guys really stepped up to the plate to help me out. They hooked me up with a fully assembled and dynoed 406 making an honest 550 hp and just as much torque. They used all brand new parts including a brand new dart SHP block, dart aluminum heads, dart intake, tuned quickfuel carb, msd ignition, howards cam, scorpian roller rockers, and a lot of other high end components. They are the nicest, most helpful people I have dealt with on my 2nd rebuild of my daily driven 69 Camaro. Definitely one of the best buys out there if you want a great bang for your buck brand new engine! So if you’re looking for a new motor for your car, holler at Ben up TriStar and have him send you one of their Prostar engines. You won’t be disappointed!”


  10. Johnny Meeks (SUBMITTED VIA FACEBOOK) says:

    Purchased my Tri Star 383 Stroker just before Thanksgiving. Got the engine on 11/27/13. Ben was great to work with he stayed in contact with build and ship status as promised. This is how it sounds installed and ready to go [video on Facebook]. This is the 383 with Dart Heads opt. 4 cam and roller setup and forged pistons. Thanks Tri Star.

  11. Scott Segreti (SUBMITTED VIA FACEBOOK) says:

    my new 427 smallblock built my the guys at tri star its a rocket i cant belive the torque it has, it pulls my chevelle like nothing great job guys thank you again

  12. Neil and Carole Thomas (SUBMITTED VIA FACEBOOK) says:

    Hi Ben, Thanks for a Brilliant engine, great company to deal with. We have done about 2,000 miles since fitting the 351 Windsor V8 to our ’32 roadster. It goes and sounds awesome!

    Neil & Carole Thomas, Bristol. England UK


    We use Tri-Star engines and transmissions because they are reliable. We’ve been able and talk to someone at all times. No comebacks using this company. Very pleased at this time Francis Schunke


    Pleasant to work with, and always someone to talk to with knowledge. No come backs, so far, which means a lot! Easy to work with. Francis Schunke

  15. Jim Shope says:

    Purchased a Tri-Star 383 cu. in. stroker last fall and after so much back-and-forth finally got the whole deal together. Problem WAS NOT Tri-Star as they were very helpful. Problem was the vehicle is a 1995 Chevy Silverado and I wanted to keep the computer, the throtle-body, the 4L60-E tranny (rebuilt and reinforced), and all the emissions intact and running thru headers. I did not realize what a big order this was. Apparently very few folks hot rod a throttle-body engine, much less one with emissions intact. But with the help from Tri-Star (Charley Coop), Holley Carbs, and some excellent help from Stamey Performance and GT Graphics in Franklin, NC, it all finally happened. The truck runs really well and with the throttle-body, is extremely responsive from cold-start to heavy in-traffic driving. The “tricks” if there were any included finding the right folks to write the new PROM for the computer and installing the Holley throttle-body. After I got those two items cleared up, it was a breeze. Changed rear-axles to a lower ratio and even managed to get the speedometer to read correctly, (it is regulated thru the computer on the 1995 Silverado).

  16. Mark J (SUBMITTED VIA MAIL) says:

    Hi (Tri Star),
    Your tech support has been a real help. The car is a blast to drive, I find it hard to drive it conservatively! When you press on the gas pedal you don’t even feel the weight of the car, it’s all engine! And the tone of the exhaust puts a smile on our faces every time. About everytime we take it out little kids are yelling “nice car”, a guy on a Harley about broke his neck looking back as I pulled away from the stop sign the other night! And I don’t hesitate on popping the hood and showing off the engine. I know you’ve seen ‘em all but I want to take some pictures this week and send them to you. This is our car, we built it, and it’s the only one like it. And we love it! Thanks for everything (Tri Star has been very good to me). Mark.

  17. Alex Z. (SUBMITTED VIA MAIL) says:

    Dear Tri Star – I am dropping you a letter and picture of myself as a proud owner of a Big Block Chevy based on your 540 all-forged short block. I am very pleased with the quality of your build and great follow-up on customer service. Thanks for everything, Tri Star. My car runs like a champ and I can’t wait to finish it up and take it to the track. Sincerely, Alex Z.

  18. Kent Abercrombie says:

    Engine buying expereince was great. My 427 long block arrived in awesome condition. Very high quality build. Still have some work to do before its in the car, but it’s going to be hard to wait!

  19. Marc Provencal says:

    I purchased the Tri-Star 383 Stroker for my ’53 Chevy. The motor is strong at 480 of torque!!!! Starts right up even after sitting for several weeks at a time. Ben was great throughout the entire process. Great product!! Keep up the great work.

  20. Anthony verolini says:

    I just purchased a prostar 427 sbc and I’m so happy with the performance of this engine. I worked with Bill Hughes and he was a great guy super nice. I can’t say enough about the quality that goes into these engines that Tristar builds. Tristar gets a 5 star rating from me. Thanks Tristar for building me an awesome engine. Keep up the great work.

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