The Tri Star "Pledges"

At Tri Star Engines we strive to provide our partners...

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Continuous technical training and product update bulletins
  • Superior quality products
  • Continuously evolving vehicle coverage
  • 98%+ on-time shipments
  • 48 hour warranty claim resolution
  • 30 minute custom build quotes

Everyone can say it, but I know what you're thinking... How do we implement these pledges?

1) We hire the right people.

Recently a national parts distributor was touring the Tri Star Engines facility in Baldwin, WI to see if we were a good match for their company. We wined, we dined, we had a great response, but the thing that stood out the most to me was the first thing they said after the tour; The greatest asset to our business is our employees. When you're walking through our shop you can feel the Tri Star bond; Joe will be happy to show you how our Rottler CNC machine finishes blocks to tolerances equivalent to the OE builders... Mack will talk your ear off about how long every person has been here with Tri Star... Jon will convince you to hang out a little bit longer so you can see one of our high performance engines get dyno tested (if you haven't done it I highly recommend it)... 

2) We train, motivate and monitor our people for continuous self improvement.

From the shop to the office we have systems in place to increase the value for our customer and hold people accountable for mistakes.

In the office we utilize a Digium Switchvox phone system to track phone calls, if there's an issue in customer service we can trace the problem and be sure it is addressed. Our service reps utilize Customer Relationship Management software to effectively manage their time and goals, and customer service and warranty technicians are reviewed monthly through a 3 point system; customer reviews, internal management reviews, and self reviews.

In the shop every employee has a color coded marker that is assigned to only them. Each part of the engine that employee touches is marked with the specific color, allowing Tri Star to trace the problems in the event of a failure. All engines are assigned with a serial number which tracks every part used in that engine.

3) We understand that telling a customer 'no' is a reason to not call you next time.

Our February 2014 mailing says it best; "They say NO, We say NO PROBLEM." Our research and development team strives to be able to offer every engine, from being the first to offer the late model applications to having engines even the O.E. builders don't work on. Our R&D process for new part numbers begins with cataloging new engines by verifying application information from a variety of sources. Specifications for the new build are gathered and verified through multiple avenues, and an engine is brought in, disassembled and documented.

We constantly work to improve our processes to allow us to produce more engines in less time without changing the high quality we've built our name around. A warehouse full of engines in stock and 3 day turnaround time on 'hot build' engines means your customer will never have to be told "oh, they won't have that for a month..."

4) We live by the expression, "The Customer is King"

Every 'pledge' comes back to the same goal of providing the best possible engine buying experience. Mistakes happen and warranties were created for a reason, it doesn't matter who you are or what industry you're in. We strive to minimize these issues and in the rare cases there is an issue we handle them, and we handle them better than anyone. In the end how you take care of your customers when an issue arises is what separates a "supplier" from a "partner." At Tri Star we build long lasting relationships with our partners.. We take care of them, they take care of us, and we appreciate every single order we get.

Thinking about partnering with Tri Star? Contact us for information on setting up an account, obtaining sales literature or ordering immediately!