Does your engine supplier really BUILD engines? We do.

author: ben steine

We've been a member of the Production Engine Remanufacturers Association for over 20 years of our 30 year existence. Just saying that may not seem important to you but what does that really mean? 

A quick Google search for "remanufactured engines" will provide you with a ton of options. Some websites offer ridiculous 7 year warranties, others say their engines increase performance and still provide more economy, and many offer prices so low that it would seem crazy to buy an engine anywhere else. How do they offer such amazing value? Well what I've found is that none of them actually BUILD engines! These days anyone with a few dollars and some ambition can create a website, but will they stand behind the product? When you buy from Tri Star, you're buying an American made, quality product, backed by 30 years of production engine experience, direct from the manufacturer who made it.

To be granted membership to PERA as a remanufacturer you have to produce a minimum of 25 engines per month, maintain a good reputation in the market for both quality and service, and have a sound and fair warranty policy. We try to not just meet the criteria but set the standard.

I'm so passionate about this subject because I see it every single day. I see the dedication in the shop and in the office in all of my coworkers, and I hear horror stories from customers (ask me about one that put $5,000 down on an engine just to lose it when the company went out of business) every day. I'm proud of our team and the value we offer, and I know we are here to stand behind it.

Next time you're looking at a remanufactured engine, whether it's directly from us or from a distributor of ours, do me a favor, do yourself a favor, and do the vehicle owner a favor - Ask for a Tri Star engine!

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"The Production Engine Remanufacturers Association is an association of individuals and firms who are remanufacturing internal combustion engines and their major components, or are supplying necessary components, supplies and equipment required in the remanufacturing process.

The goal of the Association is to provide its members with the opportunity to exchange the ideas, methods and procedures necessary to efficiently produce remanufactured products which are equal or superior to original products in quality and performance.

PERA adheres to and supports the premise that its members are dedicated to the highest business ethics, customer satisfaction, employee consideration and to the continual up-grading of the engine remanufacturing industry."