What is a "stroker" engine?

Stroker engines are a popular feature in the high performance engine world, but do you know how they work?

To begin with we need to understand how an engine works.

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(Source: https://animagraffs.com/how-a-car-engine-works/)

The basics of an internal combustion engine are based around taking a linear force and turning it through a rotating crankshaft. The stroke is actually the height of a cylinder inside the engine, and the size is measured by the width of that bore in the cylinder. This creates the total displacement of the piston moving up and down in a four stroke process.


The four steps that comprise an internal combustion engine are fairly simple. You have Intake, compression, combustion, and the exhaust of the process. The combustion, a small explosion, pushes the piston downwards, which creates a rotational force through the crankshaft. That spinning actually moves the vehicle forwards.

Now you need to understand how to increase the power of the stroke!

How to Increase Stroke

Stroke is increased in a few ways. Stroker kits are sold by various companies and work by increasing the lengthening the crankshaft and lessening the connecting rod. This causes the piston to push down further and simultaneously keeping its highest peak at the same length.

You can also do the opposite and shorten the crankshaft throw by lengthening the connecting rod.


Simple physics!

Why Increase Stroke?

Shorter strokes allow the engine to revolution higher, and faster. Which in turn generates more horse power. But a higher stroke increases the torque an engine can make. Torque is part of the rotational force that will move the vehicle forwards, faster.

Torque is the reason why your vehicle accelerates like it does. The more torque you have the less time to accelerate. It's what stops you from having to downshift to pass that slow person in front of you as your engine revs up.

It's also important for drag racers, as it lets them fly out of the starting position faster.

How Does It Increase Torque?

Due to the increased size, the combustion within the cylinder creates more leverage on the crankshaft, and adds to the rotation creating even more powerful torque.


To summarize, the mighty stroker is just a normal engine but with an increased stroke inside of the cylinder. This enlarges the total displacement of air resulting in more torque power and overall horsepower. Giving even your daily driver more versatility and overall power.