Airbag theft on the rise! Protect your family AND your business.

Airbag theft is on the rise, what are you you doing to protect yourself, your family, your customers and your business?

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"...many law enforcement agencies are calling airbags "the new car stereos." It's largely due to their growing popularity among auto thieves. If you've ever had your car broken into, you know that feeling of anger and frustration that comes over you when you see that gaping hole in your dashboard; however, the theft of an airbag reaches another level of horrible. Why? Because you'd never know your airbag is missing until the worst possible time. If you are involved in a serious crash, that stolen airbag could lead to a severe injury or even death."

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While the article had our jaws on the floor it really had us thinking, what other automotive parts are popular on the black market? While "doing the right thing" is inherent in most people, how can you be sure you aren't buying products that could have filtered through these avenues? And maybe most importantly, what kind of risk could you be exposing your friends, family and BUSINESS to?

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The third page of the article talks about how to prevent exposure to airbag theft. While we aren't experts on preventing fraud or theft, we are experts on engines! Vehicle owners, repair shops and parts distributors often compare our engines to others they find online, but in so many cases they are referencing companies that don't actually BUILD engines! When it comes to engines, one easy way to find the real MANUFACTURERS is to research the associates they are part of. We've been a member of the Production Engine Remanufacturer's Association for over 20 years. Our owner is a past president and our GM is currently on the board of directors for PERA. If you follow our posts you'll know that we talk about this subject a lot - Why? Because every day we hear horror stories of people buying engines from one of these distributors.

Do your research and be safe!

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