Ford 5.4 3V Cam Phaser Delete Kit

No more ticking, no more problems.

While we could spend an entire month talking about the 5.4 3v engine, we want to talk to you today about one key component; cam-phasers. If you have owned or worked on a 5.4 3v engine, then cam phasers are no surprise to you. With mileage comes the famous cam phaser ticking (not to bring up bad memories). This is why Tri Star offers a Cam Phaser Delete Kit for Ford 5.4 3V engines!

Typically, when you start hearing a ticking or clicking noise coming from the engine, most people fear the worst. Collapsed lifters, bent rods, etc. Unless you’ve been running your Ford dry on oil, or haven’t changed the oil since the last time you had free time (which could be years for some of us), then the culprit is typically cam-phasers. This issue will typically trigger a check-engine light with the codes: P0341 or P0346. If there are other issues going on, you may have other codes showing up as well.

So, what exactly are cam-phasers and why do they go bad? We’re going to keep it brief here, we know you’ve got work to do. Cam-phasers are used on 3v Ford engines (2005 and up) to adjust the camshaft position during engine-operation.  These are controlled by the vehicle’s computer. Typically, what happens when your cam-phasers start to go bad, it is caused by a lack of oil pressure in the top part of the engine.

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Tri Star has spent years developing the perfect remedy to this problem, Cam-Phaser Delete Kits.  We offer installation of these kits on all 5.4 3V engines that we have available, and installs are done in-house! These kits come with everything you need for the install, which means no trips to the parts store in the middle of the project, or digging through your bucket of bolts on the shelf. Keep in mind that if you are hearing the ticking already, there may be other repairs necessary before installing the Tri Star Cam-Phaser Delete Kit. Be sure to check your timing-chain tensioners, and even the cam bearings for wear. These are some of the biggest reasons that people end up still having problems after installing any delete kit, and they tend to blame the new parts rather than taking a look at their old ones. Spending the time and money to check these before installing the Tri Star Cam-Phaser Delete Kit is essential to ensure that the engine lasts a long time to come.

With this premium kit comes not only the technology to end the madness and allow you to drive worry-free and noise-free, but also the peace of mind knowing that it's made right here in the U.S. When it comes to parts to keep your Ford running, you get what you pay for, which is why Tri Star has created the perfect balance of quality and cash in your pocket!


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