Going Green with Tri Star - Environmental Impact of Remanufacturing



When it comes to being environmentally sustainable, most people don’t associate anything in the auto-industry to be necessarily “eco-friendly”. In our industry, you may be surprised to learn how much a company like Tri Star positively impacts the environment for future generations. Below are just a handful of the most powerful impacts:



The first and foremost thing that remanufacturing engines and other drivetrain components do to help the environment, is recycling old metal. Most steel and other metals from old engines can be recycled at nearly 100% efficiency, which prevents excess mining of metal ore from underneath the Earth’s surface. 85% of the energy expended in the manufacture of the original product is preserved in the remanufactured product.


Reduce Landfill Sizes

When Tri Star purchases back your old core, we bring all these units into our remanufacturing facility. This means we are helping keep tens of thousands of engines, transmissions, and other parts out of landfills. Keeping these components out of landfills means that there are fewer chemicals and pollutants draining into and contaminating the soil in the landfill, and their surrounding areas. According to studies performed at the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart, Germany, energy savings by remanufacturing worldwide in a year equals the electricity generated by 5 nuclear power plants or 10,744,000 barrels of crude oil which corresponds to a fleet of 233 oil tankers. The Fraunhofer Institute also determined that raw materials saved by remanufacturing worldwide in a year would fill 155,000 railroad cars forming a train 1,100 miles long.


Greenhouse Emissions

From mining metal ore, to transporting it to a plant, the manufacturing process, and gases emitted from it, brand-new manufacturing contributes largely to releasing high amounts of greenhouse gasses into the air. If you remember anything from school, greenhouses gasses are very bad for the planet. Choosing a remanufactured engine from Tri Star can greatly reduce the number of greenhouse gasses emitted.


Protecting Wildlife

Between destroying habitats to mine for metal ore in new areas and expand current mining operations, and expanding landfills, habitats are being destroyed along the way. By choosing a remanufactured product from Tri Star, you are contributing to reducing the expansion of mining pits and landfills.


While the demand for cars and trucks will likely never go away, the greatest thing we can do is try our best to reduce the negative environmental impact of remanufacturing as much as possible.  By remanufacturing engines (and you, in turn, by purchasing them) we're creating a 'like new' (or better) product but using a fraction of the energy needed to create the original product!

At Tri Star, we are very proud to be an eco-friendly driven business and always keep our carbon footprint at the forefront of our remanufacturing process. If you are in need of replacing a drivetrain component in your vehicle like your engine, there are many reasons to consider a remanufactured product from Tri Star to not only save money, but also save the planet for future generations.