Shop Tour

Welcome to the online shop tour of Tri Star Engine. If your in the area give us a call, we would be happy to give you a personal tour of our state of the art facility. At Tri Star we control all machining in house using the latest CNC equipment and all processes are fully documented. Don't settle for anything less than Tri Star's industry leading quality for your next engine.

Cylinder Block Machining & Blueprinting

Here at Tri Star all blocks are bored, decked, align honed and finish honed to exact tolerances on the latest equipment using statistical process control. Our high performance crate engine blocks are blueprinted in our Rottler F67A 5 axis CNC machining center.

Cylinder Head Machining

After initial inspection, all guides are machined to finish specifications and valve seats are 3 angle machined for maximum performance. Cylinder heads are then 100 % pressure tested and the gasket surface is finish machined to the gasket manufacturer's required surface finish. Once the cylinder head passes final inspection it is then assembled and vacuum tested to insure proper valve sealing for your high performance crate engine.

Crankshaft Machining and Polishing

After thorough inspection, all crankshafts are machined to exact OEM specifications. All crankshafts are then micro-polished on our state of the art QPAC CNC controlled crankshaft polishing machine. You will not see this machined in every shop, the QPAC machine is over $100,000 and is used by serious engine builders and OE's all around the world. All surface finishes are monitored daily to insure long bearing life for your high performance crate engine.

Crankshaft Balancing

If your looking at an engine builder to supply your next OE replacement or high performance engine one thing stands out, you either have the equipment and the processes to perform world class workmanship or you don't. That's why we take pride in showing you our online shop tour and it shows that we take what we do seriously. Tri Star has made a huge investment in our state of the art equipment like our Fentech crankshaft balancer that we use to balance all our high performance crankshafts.

Connecting Rod Machining

Tri Star Engine machines thousands of connecting rods each year. We not only machine connecting rods for our engines, we also machine high performance connecting rods for other manufacturers. Why do other companies trust Tri Star to machine their connecting rods? The answer is simple; our people, equipment and processes are second to none. All of our connecting rods are multi directionally honed. Multi directional honing insures a high quality part with no bell mouthing or taper. All of our rod and piston assemblies are then checked for bend and twist before installation.

Final Cleaning Process

After the machining process is completed each component is thoroughly cleaned prior to engine assembly. At Tri Star this step is treated with the same level of attention as seen throughout the manufacturing process.

Assembly and Testing

Tri Star uses only the highest quality parts in our assembly process. Parts from names you can trust, like Federal Mogul, Fel-Pro, Perfect Circle, Clevite, Victor, Melling and many more. All engines are assembled by our skilled, factory trained technicians.

After assembly, all high performance crate engines are put through rigorous testing and quality control before being packaged and shipped to the customer.

Live Run Dyno Testing

Tri Star complete high performance crate engines are dyno tested and tuned for ease of installation. Unlike engines that have just been started and ran on an engine test stand, full dyno testing puts the engine under a load. The load simulates real world conditions that the engine will see when installed in the vehicle. At Tri Star we will set the curve on the distributor for your application and tune the fuel system with our hi-tech air to fuel mapping system. Don't accept an engine that's just been run in, get a fully dyno tuned engine from the pros at Tri Star Crate Perfomance Crate Engines.