For your next STOCK REPLACEMENT engine...

At Tri Star Engines we've been a high volume engine remanufacturer for almost 30 years. 

Every original equipment replacement engine we build is remanufactured, not just rebuilt

Remanufactured engines Vs. Rebuilt engines:

Remanufacturing engines includes machining all parts including block, crank, rods, cylinder heads and assembling the engine with new parts.

Rebuilt engines will only correct the issue with the old "core" engine, but will often not include manufacturing of the rest of the engine. Rebuilt engines are inferior quality and usually do not include marine grade parts. When shopping be sure to ask if you're getting a rebuilt engine, or a 100% remanufactured engine. You can find a large selection of performance engines for sale, here at Tri Star Engines.                       

For your next HIGH PERFORMANCE engine...

Tri Star high performance crate engines lead the industry in quality and value. At Tri Star we have spent over 20 years perfecting our engines in all types of performance applications and our race engines have won numerous national championships.

All blueprinting, balancing and dyno testing is done in house with our state of the art equipment. Tri Star is a full service engine builder with a full time staff of customer representatives ready to help you with your next purchase. Buy remanufactured engines today at Tri Star Engines.