Original Equipment Replacement FAQ

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What does OE, OEM, or stock replacement mean?

--OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Our 'OE' or 'stock' replacement engines are built back to original equipment manufacturer's specifications or better. They are a direct replacement for the engine that was originally equipped from the factory and do not feature any high performance modifications as a means to boost the performance of the unit. On almost every unit we supply there are updates or upgrades to enhance the durability of the item, but not increase it's performance.

I have a shop, parts store, salvage yard, dealership or wholesale store, do you offer distributor pricing?

--Yes we do offer distributor or tiered pricing for a variety of wholesalers. A tax exemption form and proof of business ownership will be required to obtain pricing discounts. Please reference our Become a Wholesaler page for more information on setting up a wholesale account for OE components.

Are your OE replacement components rebuilt or remanufactured?

--Every engine and transmission from Tri Star is remanufactured or new, not rebuilt. Remanufacturing engines includes machining all parts including block, crank, rods, cylinder heads and assembling the engine with new parts. Click here for a comparison of Tri Star remanufactured components versus the alternatives.

Rebuilt engines will only correct the issue with the old "core" engine, but will often not include manufacturing of the rest of the engine. Rebuilt engines are inferior quality and usually do not include the latest updates and corrections from the original equipment design. When shopping be sure to ask if you're getting a rebuilt engine, or a 100% remanufactured engine.

Do you offer used powertrain components?

--No, at this time we do not offer any used powertrain items. Our goal is to provide the best value for our customers, and our remanufactured components do just that.