Making the right cam choice for your engine is a big decision in your engine buying experience. Generally speaking for the best performance, reliability and durability the obvious choice is a roller camshaft. While a full roller engine may be a larger initial investment it is sure to be well worth the cost in the long run. 
A roller engine has far less friction between the cam lobe and the lifter. Over time a flat tappet engine will wear down the cam lobe much quicker than a roller, causing a decrease in engine performance and durability.
Another reason for choosing a roller cam is the performance benefits. A roller cam lobe can have a steeper profile allowing the cam to reach its maximum lift sooner and stay there longer. Staying at maximum lift longer allows more air and fuel to enter the cylinder before being compressed.

If you choose to purchase an engine with a flat tappet cam there are several things you can do to help improve the life of the cam. Proper break-in procedure and using the correct oil are two easy ways to make your flat tappet cam last longer. For more information you can go to view an article from COMP Cams®.

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