Value vs. Cost

Tri Star powertrain components represent the best value available. Will you be able to find a cheaper price somewhere on the internet? Yes, you probably will. Will you be able to find a company that can match our warranty, quality, technical support, reputation and customer care before, during and after the sale? Absolutely not.

Every engine we build is remanufactured (not rebuilt) or brand new. Tri Star remanufactured engines are the closest alternative to brand new components and often times can be even better than new components. Our remanufactured components incorporate the latest updates and modifications to correct build design flaws in the original equipment designs.

Thinking a used or rebuilt engine is going to be a cheap fix to get your vehicle back up and running? Think again! Purchasing used or rebuilt powertrain components is a lot like gambling, and the house always wins. That cheap fix may get your vehicle back on the road, but it's only a ticking timebomb waiting to leave you with the same problem.

CLICK HERE for a comparison of Tri Star remanufactured engines versus the alternatives.

Remanufactured engines also offer a cost effective alternative to purchasing a new vehicle. New vehicle costs are higher than they have ever been, and purchasing a used vehicle can mean taking over someone else's headache.