FAQ - High performance engines

Want to get the basics about the products we provide? Look no further than our FAQ. This page provides quick explanations to help you feel more comfortable about what you're purchasing. Have a question that isn't listed? Please contact us so we can add it!

High Performance Engines FAQ

Have a question that isn't listed? Please contact us so we can add it!


Are your complete and dyno tested engines tuned on your dyno?

---All complete builds are tested on our dynamometer to verify performance numbers, check for leaks, set the curve on the distributor, break in the cam (on flat tappet applications), and to set jetting on the carburetor for ideal performance on the dyno. No crate engines (from any supplier) are 100% tuned for your application. Carburetor tuning needs to be tweaked based on your elevation and car but will be very close.

Are long block performance engines dyno tested?

---No, only complete builds are dyno tested. Long block builds are still thoroughly tested on our simulation machine ('sim tested') to verify compression and oil pressure, they just do not have a fuel and ignition system run and are not tested under a load like on a dynamometer.

Do you offer a turn key engine?

---Our 'complete and dyno tested' build level is very close to a turn key crate engine. These build levels include the intake, carburetor, distributor, spark plugs and plug wires. On many engines we also offer optional components you can add to the build such as fuel pumps, water pumps, starters and flexplates. We do not currently offer any engines with alternators, pulleys, air cleaners, etc.

Is this part a direct drop in replacement for my application?

---All crate engines typically require some custom modifications for fitment into any old muscle car or hot rod. If you had the same generation and type of engine in your vehicle then most components will be a direct bolt on replacement, however you should still check for clearance and fitment of your old components. Minor modifications should be expected with any crate engine, regardless of supplier.

Is there a core charge or core required back on these engines?

---No, there is no core charge and no core required to be returned on any engine in the Performance section of our website.

Can you send me a printed catalog for your engines?

---At this time we do not offer a printed catalog, we just list everything online.

Is the price online the best price? Can I get discounts if I'm a distributor?

---On our high performance engines we list our absolute best prices online, there is no tiered or distributor pricing for high performance engines at this time. You may be eligible for discounted pricing on Original Equipment and Marine engines with the proper paperwork, and we do offer custom performance engines for private label sales in high volumes, contact us for details.

Your high performance warranty says it covers 'parts only,' what does that mean?

---If you have your engine repaired or replaced at an automotive repair facility it does not cover the labor time they charge to perform the repairs or replacement. All components and workmanship in the engine is covered under our limited warranties.

Do you have a customer list I can contact to ask questions about their experience?

---You can find customer reviews and testimonials including videos and pictures sent from actual customers at this link: www.tristarengines.com/reviews. We value our customers privacy and do not disclose any of their information. If you would like to speak with past customers our Facebook page has many posts from customers that you can attempt to contact through Facebook messaging.

Are you interested in sponsoring my race team or company with an engine?

---No, at this time we do not offer any sort of sponsorships.